Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Blustery Day on Forest Ave.

Having toddlers usually means a lot of bumps, bruises, scratches and scrapes. But it is still amazing the sorts of accidents that can happen. 

Last Friday it was very nice but very windy while the three of us played in the backyard.  Connor would stand in the driveway and go "whoa, whoa, whoa!" when a big gust blew past him.  Their toy car and shopping carts would roll on their own.

In the backyard we have a makeshift swing set. Just an A-frame with a canopy on top and two toddler swings attached.

Connor was walking past the swings drinking his juice when a big gust of wind came along and blew the swing set over.  He was literally lifted up in the air and thrown back.  Whether it was the wind, the swing set or both I'll never know.  It was like a cartoon or movie when someone is thrown back from a blast or something!

At this time I was actually walking towards the back to give Chloe, (who was by the house or boat), her juice. But it happened so fast I couldn't get over there until after Connor and the swings were both on the ground.  Connor came up with a bloody lip--he had bit through his lip pretty good.  I hugged him and said a few times, "I know that was scary, but you're all right."  I think I may have been saying it for myself just as much as for him!  Luckily all he had was the busted lip, although at first I thought it would never stop bleeding! I even called my Dad to see if I should take him to the ER, but I gave him a popsicle and it slowed down until it finally stopped.  He had calmed down (by the time the popsicle came, of course!) and soon we went in and ate lunch and took a good nap.

For a few days he's had a fat lip, and it's getting better now. I'm very thankful that's all he got out of it, but I don't think I'll ever get the image out of my head of him flying back through the air!

...At least until the next accident happens!

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  1. Poor Connor! I didn't notice a fat lip so it must have gotten better! The worst for Riley was when that heavey picture frame/mirror/ key holder feel on her and cut her by the eye. She did go to the ER because it fell on her head.