Friday, May 6, 2011

Some Catching Up to Do

So much for trying to write on a weekly basis!  So much has gone on since my last little post in November. 

Let's see,  in November we went to Kalahari Indoor Waterpark with my parents, Debbie and Leonard, sister, Amy, her husband, Zach and my niece Riley.  It was quite an interesting adventure and probably would have been more fun if Connor wasn't getting sick that weekend (which we all got right after) and I got into it with another mother because I stopped her kid from plowing down mine on the toddler waterslides. Plus it was just so crowded it would have been better to go on weekday instead of a Saturday like we did.

Thanksgiving was nice, we had two because of work schedules and second families. One the weekend before and then dinner at Amy's on the actual holiday. We tried taking a family photo but Connor didn't want to cooperate. 

We had several Christmas events. Christmas parties, a breakfast with Santa whom the kids refused to see and gingerbread house making. That last one was pretty fun.  It was at our church Lakewood United Methodist.  The kids did pretty well sticking candies on the houses.

Making Ginderbread houses

The only photo with Santa we got this year

Christmas itself was very, very fun.  The kids got into the presents and they looked adorable all dressed up.  Connor was a speedy unwrapper, opening one and then ready for the next tearing of paper.  Chloe took her time and got interested in each gift as she opened it. They both did very well behavior-wise for the busy season.

All dressed up for Christmas Eve

New Year's we spent at home.  Connor and Chloe both stayed up to midnight and banged pots outside. They took an extra long nap and had a late dinner so they could stay up.  That day it had been unseasonably warm (like almost 70) and we had gone to the park and played outside. Cleveland is like that because the week after that I took them outside to play in the snow!

New Year's Eve Day

A week later

In February another girl cousin was born, Adeline Kennedy.

March 3rd was Connor and Chloe's second birthday! I can hardly believe they are growing so fast! On their birthday the four of us went to Chuck E Cheese and had pizza for lunch and played games.  With their tickets they got a little Princess Aurora and a Buzz Lightyear figures which they actually really loved.  That weekend we went to Amazone, and indoor playground for their party.  Chloe got her first Barbies to play with and Connor a wooden train set and everyone chipped in for giftcards to get them a swingset which they also love!



New swingset

The week of their birthday, Connor figured out how to climb into Chloe's crib so it didn't take long for Chloe to figure out how to get into Connor's.  So we had to convert their cribs into daybeds with rails on them.  The first few weeks were tough with naps especially, but I think now we've gotten back into our routine.  Plus the more playing outside does help make them more tired for naps!

Now the yucky season is finally breaking away into spring.  We were lucky to only have some colds and no major illnesses this year.  Our big thing was dealing with Connor's weight gain, or lack thereof.  We had visited the GI doctor a few times, and also the cardo doctor to see if there was an underlying problem that was keeping Connor from gaining weight, but healthwise everything is fine, he's just built like his Daddy was, skinny, and likes to refuse to eat at times. (I think mostly because he can.)

We've also got lots more baby cousins on the way!  Three more are coming.  One is due soon in May, another is due the beginning of August and one in November! The Smith/Morris family sure is growing!

The big thing for me now is those "terrible twos" which I am trying to deal with as well as I can. But I think I'll save that rant for another post! I'm just hoping with the weather turning nicer that we can get out more and that will help everyone breath easier and be happier!