Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have to admit I was a little pumped for Halloween this year.  Last year Connor and Chloe did dress up, and looked cute as could be but they were barely sitting up on their own.  This year they are walking and talking and able to do so much more.

Last year

At first I thought I might not get a fun Halloween.  Back in September I went to TJ Maxx to look at costumes.  $20 for warm, great-looking costumes was an awesome deal.  I was planning on having Connor be a lion and Chloe a monkey since they loved making the noises and acting like the animals.  I pick up the lion costume and show it to Connor and he grabs it right away and roars.  Chloe, however, wanted nothing to do with it.  She kept telling me "no" when I asked her if she wanted to be a monkey or try it on.  I couldn't even get it on her, really, to see if it fit.  Connor, however, loved his costume.

In the store

So I went back to the rack and looked at other ideas.  Finally, we settled on a duck costume, because she was less scared of it, and I told her it was like Ming-Ming from the Wonder Pets. But later I tried to get her to wear it at home, and she flipped out.  I even had Connor (the good sport he is) try it on to show her there was nothing to afraid of. No go that night.

Connor in the duck costume

A week or so later, Brian and my mother-in-law were able to get her in it, so I kept my fingers crossed that all would be well come Halloween. I figured we'd keep getting it out so she could play with it and get used to it.

A duck for Halloween

My mother-in-law made them little capes and a hat for Chloe to be Ming-Ming. (Connor was a guest Wonder Pet, as the three pets are a guinea pig, a turtle and a duckling.) And after all that hesitation, Chloe ended up loving her costume!  They wore it to Brian's work party on Friday, Saturday for Boo At the Zoo and Sunday morning for pictures and Sunday night for trick or treat.  And then they wore them a bit on Monday morning when they saw me move them.

They really worked it at Brian's work. Then my mother-in-law and me made their wagon into the Flyboat which was a big hit at Boo at the Zoo.  They colored their own little pumpkins that they picked from the pumpkin patch earlier in October. And they really understood the concept of trick or treating from being with their older cousins, although Connor was less enthusiastic after a few houses.

Chloe as Ming-Ming


The Wondet Pets

In Flyboat
At Daddy's(Brian) work


Before trick or treating

So it turned out to be a great Halloween!  I can't believe it's already over and Christmas is fast approaching already!


  1. Great blog! Good thing you have a mom-in-law that is good at sewing!

  2. Chloe was all for trick or treating she totally got what to do!

  3. looks like it was worth the costume hassle..they are adorable!